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Discover Nature, Discover Beauty.

Discover Nature

Nature is a picture-postcard scene! It will take your breath away if you listen to her, feel her, even incorporate your body and mind into it.  However, with the pollution of the ocean and the bleaching of corals, clear ocean is disappearance, the bright and glamour corals are no longer available. In order to arouse everyone to pay more attention to the beautiful nature, so I injected the beautiful elements from my memory into the design. Chi Chi Jewelry Design was bron from this reason.

Discover Beauty

Each piece of Chi Chi Jewelry is not only an accessory for wear, but also depicts an incredible and unique nature beauty which mixed with nature crystal and pearls. The whole production process takes up to 70 hours per piece, all handmade.


Designer’s Portfolio

The founder of Chi Chi Jewelry Design.

Chi Cheng Cheong, Fornia, the founder of Chi Chi Jewelry Design. She has been fond of matching and wearing various accessories since childhood. Thus, she studied jewelry design under the tutelage of Cristina Vihnas and Dora Tam. Fornia motivated to learn more, moved to London to begin her studies in Art and Jewelry Design. Before graduating, she was invited to intern at Astley Clarke Design Headquarters by Lorna Watson, a well-known jewelry designer in U.K. Afterwards, she returned to Macau and established Chi Chi Jewelry Design, a affordable luxury brand and continues to work on her creative journey.

Fornia, raised in a Chinese and Western cross-cultural environment. She draws motivation through the unfair and injustice of gender equality around the world. She experiences that it is not easy for women to achieve the freedom and social participation. To celebrate the hard-won freedom of women, to realize others more aware the value of women, and proud of being a woman, Fornia put the idea of women’s strong heart, the courage to break through the secular restrictions, beauty of women’s lines and her life experience into her design. These also are a driving force for her jewelry making.